Colour and style complement one another and a style consultation can really help get the most from any clothes shopping you do in future.Reasons why you may be considering a style session:
  • You aren’t sure what suits you any more.
  • You want to look slimmer, younger or more attractive.
  • You find it hard to get clothes that work for your body shape/height.

Whatever your dilemma, we can show you how to select the clothes that flatter you the most and make you feel good.

Advice you can use every day or for a special occasion.

What you’ll gain from a style session:

  • How to make the most of yourself by learning which shapes, clothing details and fabrics complement you the most.
  • How to choose styles that highlight your best features and hide any you’re not so keen on.
  • Your wardrobe personality and how to develop or enhance your own style.
  • Increased self confidence and knowledge of how to shop.

Style Session (approx 2 hours) – £100.


Would you like to dress in half the time and look twice as good?

Is your wardrobe full of clothes you don’t wear, taking up valuable space and making you feel negative?

Let us help you transform this piece of furniture into an uncluttered space where you’ll always be able to put your hand on the right outfit for the occasion.

No more frantic searching for items that match or disappointment that you don’t look your best.

Your wardrobe will have fewer clothes but you’ll have loads more to wear.

Wardrobe reorganisation is a fun and uplifting experience and we guarantee you’ll feel marvellous afterwards!

A wardrobe planning session will:

  • Enable you to find clothes quickly and easily.
  • Save you time, particularly in the mornings.
  • Allow you to see all the clothes you actually own.
  • Ensure you have clothes you look great in and enjoy wearing.
  • Help you make the most of the clothes you already have and plan a future shopping list for gaps.
  • Make you feel inspired and positive every time you open it.

Sessions are usually about 2½ hours at your home – £130


A personal shopping session will save you time, money, energy and prevent any stress.

All of the research and legwork is done beforehand ensuring that you have a pleasurable and successful shopping session.

All sessions will have a consultation to establish lifestyle, personal style and expectations to ensure that you gain the most from your experience.

You will be able to shop quickly and efficiently, learn styling tips and fashion trends and understand what styles and colours suit you.

A personal shopping session is not a luxury, it is an investment as you will gain confidence and knowledge and will learn how to look stylish effortlessly from an expert.

Personal Shopping Session 3 hours – £160.